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posted by Eivind on February 14, 2011, at 11:40 pm

Hey guys,

I feel called to give you a short status update on the progression of certain things on this website. First of all, I re-watched The Fisher King for  the first time in forever on Friday and the movie is germinating in my subconscious as we speak. There's a lot of great stuff there. I think it will be a really cool review.

Then there is the video for the Warrior archetype. I have been meaning to finish it for a long time. This is the reason why I'm writing actually since I feel a bit bad for not having completed it yet. All the raw material is ready and I have color- and sound-adjusted the somewhat dodgy raw material (same as for the King video). I have been wanting to up the production quality of it a bit, featuring music, movie clips and text popups, but this is taking longer than I had anticipated.

The main reason is that I've had to resume full time work for the month of February to not go bust. Making time for Masculinity Movies work is a huge financial strain on my life and that is why things are not progressing anywhere near as quickly as I would like.

Well,  I just wanted to tell you about this. Also, don't forget that I've set up the community site for you guys. The Tribe has about 30 members now and is a bit slow, but shows promise. That also takes time. Come to think of it, I'm friggin' proud of the stuff I manage to do with the meagre time and resources I have at my disposal. Yeah, I just tuned into that and I feel that deeply. Fuck, no reason to feel guilty - I'm doing my best to bring you the best I have to offer. I'm fucking dedicated to this stuff. I'm not going anywhere. So please stick around.

So thank you for your patience - the meat will come soon. I will have Fridays off again in March.


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