Thank you for the invaluable feedback :-)

posted by Eivind on March 20, 2012, at 12:53 pm

The video says it all :-)

  • Rob Villegas

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I actually love this format: I can either watch or listen while I do some other things. Love your viewpoint, purpose, and content. Thanks a ton!  -Rob in Boston

  • Thanks, Rob! :-)

    And thanks for confirming video is a good medium.

  • Nemojanus

    Thanks so much. Aho. Being who you are and sharing that openly with me as another man on the same journey blesses me and everyone I come into contact with. Keep it up. Love and blessings. Paul

  • Ghostbustersaustralia Phil

    Hello Brother Eivind,

    I HonornRespectnAccept your GiftsnTalentsnCapabilitiesnTruthfulnessnPurposefulnessnIntegritynCouragen VulnerabilitynService, much GratittudenAppreciationnLovenLightnBlessings to you, from Phillip Morley, Ghostbusters Australia (on Facebook), Wedge Tail Eagle, initiated ‘New Warrior Training Adventure’, The ManKind Project ( ), Woodman Point, Western Australia, Australia, October 2006

  • Cheers, warrior bro! That’s an impressive word you wrote up there 😉

  • I’m glad you feel that way, Paul. Thanks!

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