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So you would like to submit a user review? Great! I have written many of these by now so I invite you to take the following suggestions into consideration:

  1. If the article is long, structure the content in paragraphs and use headlines. This makes the text prettier, easier to read and more engaging.
  2. Tell usย why you chose to write the review. What inspired you about the movie?
  3. Try to extract an "essence" from the movie. If the movie was about something specific, what would that in your view be? Try to weave your discovery into the text itself.
  4. Although optional, end the piece with powerful lessons. Not only does it help you understand the movie more deeply, it provides the reader aid in integrating the wisdom of the movie and advice on how to implement it in their lives. It is also a valuable method of communicating the essence we talked about in #3.
  5. Have fun writing it. Don't get too obsessed with it being perfect (yeah, I'm talking to myself here)
  • Please tell us who you are

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  • Add a bio and possibly some self-promotion here if you'd like. But keep it within reason. Don't turn it into a sales letter. HTML-tags are allowed.
  • Why did you want to write about this movie? What does it mean to you?
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  • See main database for ideas on what tags to use
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  • A Google search for "movie name poster" does wonders. Please use JPG format.
  • A review name is nice to have as a quick intro to your text. If you don't add one, default title will be "My thoughts on movie name".
  • Use just one actor name in each box (only the first box is required). Use: firstname lastname.
  • Additional content

  • Please take the time to write these. It makes the review so much better.
  • Just use the youtube key here. When e.g. the full URL is, the Youtube ID is 2MOoq0KgT7M. If the URL has an ampersand in it (, cut that and all trailing info: TJjuTNVs9MI.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Important info

When you submit this form successfully, I will receive a notification about your submission. I will then go and check if the review is valid and proper and when it proves to be I'll be one happy ape. I'll approve it and it will appear on the webpage in the user review section (will be activated once I receive reviews). If you have provided your e-mail address, you will receive a notification too. Alright men, I look forward to receiving your best stuff!

PS! It's okay if you do some self-promotion in your text - just don't use it as a sales letter.