The idea to create Masculinity-Movies.com came about during a time of intense study on what it meant to be a man. This is a question I’ve struggled with most of my adult life and this confusion has caused me to go through times of intense inner turmoil and depression.

But the process has brought results and at this point, I was trying to find a way to juggle masculine and feminine energies and forms of expression in my life in a way that was beneficial for everyone.

At the same time, I felt a growing need to share my own voice in this wilderness, and it seemed directly connected with my own sense of well being.

There was just one problem.

I had no idea what to say.

I was working on my Norwegian translation for The Way of The Superior Man by David Deida (still in progress) and applying it in the relationship with my lover, with great results. As the two of us spent some quiet quality time together watching films in her flat, the answer to the question that had plagued me for a long while – “how can I bring this material to the world in my own unique way?” came pulsing through the shimmering TV screen.

In the middle of the unlikeliest of films – Erin Brockovich and Mrs. Doubtfire – it dawned on me, and Masculinity-Movies.com was born.

Why do modern men need to learn about masculinity? Don’t we already have it covered? Aren’t we already tuned in, turned on and aligned with truth in every way that matters? If my own life experience is anything to go by, the answer is definitely no.

Modern men struggle.

Most of us haven’t found anything truly worth living (or dying) for and spend our days working to fulfill the visions of other men (and increasingly women), and most of these visions aren’t even that great. In relationship, many of us find ourselves overpowered by our women, unable to stand up for our own rights in the relationship and instead choose to succumb to the apathy of just tolerating her.

We haven’t yet discovered our core strength, that reservoir of loving and wise warrior energy that each and every one of us deep down know we carry inside of us. Modern men need help. Trouble is – most of us don’t want it. The idea that a man needing help is a weak man is cementing his weakness. It’s a challenging place to be culturally, and we need to do something about it. This website is my small part in that large process.

My wish for Masculinity-Movies.com is that it not only become a resource for in-depth movie analysis through the lens of masculine evolution, but that it becomes a resource central outlining the different guided paths of masculine evolution that are available in the world today. Through honing in on the themes of the respective films, I will offer resources – specific practices, and pointers to men’s groups, workshops, teachers etc – so that this growth becomes possible in our very own lives.

I hope you enjoy your time here. By reading this, you’ve proven that you’re one of the still relatively few men out there looking to better himself for the benefit of all. It’s men like you who will make the tide turn for the better.

For this, I thank you. AND – I wish to get to know you.

Eivind Figenschau Skjellum
Masculinity-Movies.com founder