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My preferred way of receiving movie suggestions is to receive them in the "suggest movie"  group in The Tribe. It's a better way to communicate about these things – people can contribute their voice to your suggestions etc.

Better yet, write your own user review!

If that is too much of a commitment for you right now, please share below. When writing your suggestion, please offer some additional information about why you want to see the movie featured. Does it mean something to you personally? Is there a story behind your relationship with the movie? If you provide me with a good backplot, it may influence my movie review.

Your suggestion may be featured in the next poll on the front page.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Frederick,

    I *have* written about documentaries in the past. If you send me a DVD, I will definitely feature it on this site somehow. You can write me with the contact form if you are interested.


  • The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

    Based on Way of The Peaceful Warrior (book), the film features Dan, a student from U.C. Berkeley who has everything a college student could possibly want – the looks, fame, great friends, attention from every girl and talent in his gymnastics, his passion. Yet, he’s unhappy, deeply troubled and has trouble sleeping at night. One night, he meets a spiritual guide and from there his journey of self-discovery begins.

  • Dj Kerpel

    Movie: 300 (spartans) King archetype Warrior Archetype, Father son, Brothers, Initiation, Masculinity

  • Dj Kerpel

    The Count of Montechristo, Initiation, Caracter development strength, Mentoring and much more

  • Jolly

    The Fountain, both spiritual and masculine at the same time! 

  • Guest

    Some suggestions (haven’t checked if they were suggested before):

    Taxi Driver
    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
    The Lion King

  • BMO91


    I really enjoy your take in the already reviewed movies. So, naturally I’m curious as to what would you say of such movies as:

    *44 Inch Chest                                *500 Days of Summer                   *A Better Life                              
    *Age of Heroes                               *All Good Things                           *Awakenings*Beginners
    *Big Fish                                        *Black Hawk Down                        *Blue Valentine
    *Casablanca                                   *Cell 211                                     *Crazy Stupid Love
    *Dead Man Walking                         *Dead Man                                  *Distric 9
    *Equilibrium                                    *Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas      *Four Brothers
    *Full Metal Jacket                            *Funny People                             *Get Low
    *Kick-ass                                        *Jarhead                                     *L’Emmerdeur
    *La Vita e Bella                               *Leon                                          *Limitless
    *Nine                                             *Paper Man                                  *Peacefull Warrior
    *Scent of a Woman                         *Snatch                                       *Scarface
    *Secondhand Lions                          *Sexy Beast                                 *Sleepy Hollow
    *Somewhere                                  *Stand & Deliver                           *Sweeney todd the demon barber of fleet street
    *The Awnser Man                           *The Fall                                      *The Last Castle                          
    *The Last of the Mohicans               *The Man From Nowhere                *The Social Network
    *Treasure Planet                             *True Grit                                      *Up                                              
    *V For Vendentta                             *Willow                                         *Win Win                                     
    *World’s Greatest Dad                     *Youth in Revolt                              *A Bittersweet Life
    *Dangerous liaisons                         *Philadelphia                                  *O brother where art thou
    *The Star Chamber                         *Silverado                                     *Legends of the Fall
    *Havana                                         *American Gangster                       *Mysterious skin
    *Space Cowboys                             *Kinsley Report                              *The Great Dictator
    *Cinderalla Man                              *Sunday Bloody Sunday                  *The Bounty
    *My Beautiful Laundrette                  *A Room with a View                     *The Unbearable Lightness of Being
    *Stars & Bars                                  *My Left Foot                                *The Boxer
    *In the Name of the Father               *The Balad of Jack & Rose             *Midnight Express
    *The Elephant Man                          *Champions                                  *The Hit
    *After Darkness                               *The Field                                    *Out of Africa
    *Love & Death on Long Island            *A Monkey’s Tale                         *Oliver Twist
    *The Proposition                               *Crime & Punishment                  *Catch-22
    *The Fountainhead                           *To Kill a Mockingbird                  *Love in the Time of Cholera
    *Wuthering Heights                          *The Bucket List

    An enormous list, for sure. But if you can not (and wish not) review them (or some of them), at least I leave my suggestion of some of the (great) movies I’ve seen so far and hope you enjoy them.
    I’m also of the general opinion that it would only benefit to review TV Series. In fact, why not also literature? Nevertheless, I do know this is a site focus more on masculinity on MOVIES, as the title suggests, so I can only understand if you do not take our suggestion in reviewing TV Series in this particular site.I hope you enjoy my list.Thank you for you attention.

  • MKPman_inPDX

    King of California, themes of fatherhood, and being your authentic self.

  • shaad

    I guess “The Conte of Monte Cristo (2002)” is a good movie to learn from. you get an idea about how the guy goes from boyish thinking to mature manhood through his wasteland (the jail). he gets a mature boundry, higher level of masculinity, mature self observing ego, etc….. The movie is a good watch if you have read ” The Hero with a thousand faces” by Joseph Campbell.

  • Shaad

    V for vendetta!!!

  • Bogdan_iv

    Definetly for “The Mission”.  With a great cote
    “This is life padre” reply :
    “No, this is how WE made life !”

  • Bogdan_iv

    As my first post here (hope you’ll like me, ’cause I’m a movie lover, so I think I’ll stay a while), want to tell you about this movie that’s online, at this adress :

    Men and Women answer the big question… it’s serious, it’s funny, it’s deep or light, spontaneus or dogmatic, one has to decide this for himself. At the end of all this (through beautiful music, picture and frames) there is one thing I keep as a big lesson : …. But you better watch-it before I influence you in any way. I’m curious what do you see.
    Cheers !

  • EivindFS

    Hey Bogdan – thanks for the movie tip. It looks interesting and I intend to watch it. Cheers :-)

  • EivindFS

    Thanks for taking the time to write this long list. I will use it for reference later! Again, much appreciated. E

  • Pete

    Just found this site and this thread.  I’m surprised I didn’t see a review or recommendation for Road to Perdition here.  After reading some of your reviews I’d be interested to hear your take on it.  

  • Bennadern

    ‘the man who loved women’ French version 1975-lover archetkype

  • Thomwanjama

    300, men of honor, in pursuit of happyness, warrior (2011),  

  • Kamyar

    I would highly suggest Thor:

    Archetypal characters travel through portals between parallel universes, one of them being earth. The story is about an immature archetype that is exiled to earth by his father (Mature King). He will be allowed back to the world of “Eternals” when he goes through maturity, to become the next King.

  • Matt

    I’d be interested to see what people have to say about how masculinity is represented in Carnal Knowledge (1971). I recently decided to watch some Mike Nichols films, and Carnal knowledge stuck out to me. Especially the final scene (spoiler alert) where Jack Nicholson hires a prostitute to re affirm his manhood by giving him a speech telling him what kind of man he is.

  • Vikas

    ‘Coach Carter’ and ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’

  • Aca

    “About a boy”. This is not a suggestion, this is an order. The movie shows why some of us male even become to be a “mummy’s boy, momma’s boy”, and God knows I am!

  • EivindFS

    Order received. May comply when convenient :-)

  • Guest

    I want to suggest the movies “The Big Lebowski” and “A serious Man”. They tell a lot about initiation (second movie) and finding – or the fear of losing – ones masculinity in our postmodern society (first movie).

  • Mike

    i’d like to suggest the movie ” Machine Gun Preacher” and read the interpretation of the movie by the reviewers of this excellent website. This movie talks about a guy without a purpose in life. A Man in a lot of ways, but not a complete Man, a man without a purpose, and the consequences of what it had for his life and the life of the others around him. It shows the courage he had to have to change who he was, and do things that once were not things that would cross his mind. It shows his dedication to a thing that he believed in, the risks and sacrifices he took to make good actions and to do what was right. It shows a man with a lot of anger, and the ways he finds to let it all out, and using it for a good cause. We can see also how easy sometimes it is for us to get so absorbed by the situation almost going crazy for not being able to control everything. I think it is a great movie, full of lessons to grasp.

  • Don

    Field of Dreams – this is the father of all Father / Son movies

  • Ian

    How about Disney’s The Kid, with Bruce Willis? This is pitched as a kid’s movie, but it’s really a powerful story about inner child work. Willis’s hollow man image consultant gets back in touch with his younger self, reconnects with his wound (childhood trauma) and starts healing so that he can start living, fix his life, get some integrity and (of course) get the girl, the dog and the plane he always wanted.

  • Daniel

    Last of the Mohicans

  • nice, good pick

  • I saw this recently and fucking loved it. Would love to write about it

  • Erol

    Nice site. A couple of movies I’d suggest are

    – Valhalla Rising (2009) – the march to freedom, and then the sacrifice.

    – Melancholia (2011) – the end of all life. Now what?

  • dennard

    tombstone look at 19-21 minutes, i knew that was incredible when i was a kid but the older i get the more impressive that is. Integrity and presence almost as good as it gets. He sees something he considers an injustice and he sees how correcting it will benefit him and gain him a job. The phrase the empty barrel most noise comes to mind.

    Now you could also say that he made a mistake by through one action he didn’t have to take all the cowboys went after him and murdered his brother, who would not have died without him instigating. Maybe an appropriate analysis would say integrity and presence great while appreciation was lacking. I say that because in that moment he maybe didn’t appreciate his family as he put them at risk through that one action. Great example of how complicated the world is and any action a human takes.

  • Leon

    Odd, that there’s no review of The Matrix. It’s about a powerless protagonist who meets a mentor and takes on the role of a hero. In the end of the movie the ‘hero’ dies and is reborn a warrior. The film spreads the idea of not letting your life being led by unconscious/shadow forces but to wake up and to choose consciously for the way of the hero/warrior. I belief this film should be worthy of your review.

  • The Sound

    Hi Everyone. While I’m all for focusing on the positive (as in positive influences for men in the form of movies) I would like to see your opinions wrt movies that negatively portray men. The reason I’m suggesting this is that for the past year or so I’ve been watching movies through a more conscious lens of how men are being portrayed and have noticed MAYOR ridiculing of men, in all too many movies. I know there’s already some consciousness around the modern male being portrayed as a bumbling buffoon, but when almost everything I am watch portrays men as idiots and women as the man-bashing heroes, then there’s still something wrong. Most recent example I watched “The Man From U.N.C.L.E” which has a highly attractive young female mechanic (unrealistic?) running down the two male actors, and as if that’s not bad enough, the two male actors belittle each other constantly (in the same feminine manner), despite their great ideas and super slick skills. People watching this without awareness get their script from this and the message is that even if you are a highly skilled and capable man, you are only worthy of ridicule and insults. Please, let’s grow the awareness around modern movies if there is any hope for future men at all!

  • I’ve made the same observation as you have, and it seems to be generally acknowledged among a subset of people out there.

    I haven’t felt inspired to write much on it, as I find it more powerful to work directly on empowerment than to point out the sources of disempowerment. Just my flavor.

    But I’m fully in support of people writing about this. It’s important.

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