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You're a man. You watch movies. Yet, you may be missing out on the full experience of the movies you watch. Do you want to leave the cinema inspired, wanting to make the most of your life? Do you want to stay inspired? Then you've come to the right place.

Join me in uncovering the archetypal path of growth that awaits in the world of movies. Watching movies will never be the same again. It's a promise.

The Lover ArchetypeMay 1, 2014

Introducing the Lover Archetype


Finally, the Lover has arrived. He took his time. The Lover's journey through life prioritizes flow over structure, sensual delight over getting shit done. This talk is the last in the series on the KWML archetypes and will take you into realms of addiction, sexuality and the yearning to be One with God.

Meet the Lover!

The other archetypes

Article favouriteSeptember 16, 2009

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover – archetypes of the mature Masculine

Now updated with practices at the end. One of the most popular articles on is about the KWML archetypes outlined in Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette's book. Dive into the murky waters of your subconscious and discover that there are men who sleep inside you who are the stuff of legends. Now, your work is to wake them up. This article is a good starting place for that long road towards maturity.

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Controversial article!September 22, 2013

Hollywood as a lens to the American shadow

Hollywood makes a ridiculous amount of movies with presi-dential kidnappings, burning government buildings and invasion threats. What can taking a closer look at Hollywood through the eyes of depth psychology reveal?

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Latest editorial movie reviewApr 24, 2018

Jung Fun for Young ‘Uns

In-depth review

Riley Anderson is a happy, contented and fun-loving pre-teen – but her world is turned upside down when her father abruptly relocates their family to San Francisco for work. Poking a lens into her mind's HQ, Inside Out follows the exploits of Riley's personified emotions, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust as their own world is cast into disarray by this turn of events. Expelled from the young girl's emotional control room and lost within the recesses of her mind, Joy – accompanied by Sadness – must find her way home if Riley is ever to experience happiness again.

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Latest user reviewAugust 19, 2014

Saving Private Ryan

User review

Saving private Ryan is a movie about II World War where an american group is ordered to find and get one soldier back home from the terrain of France, since this one soldier's all four brothers had been killed in combat. It is a interesting journey to look on the relationships between the men, and how the archetypal energies show up in this movie, switching side by side. Ultimately this movie is about courage. It is about making your dreams real.

Random user reviewJuly 14, 2012


User review

'9' is a handmade burlap doll that springs to life at the start of the movie. We soon meet '1' to '8' as we see him discover a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a war between mankind and machines. He holds a small device that is the key to the salvation of mankind and we see him discover something that unites all the dolls as we witness them owning up to consequences (seen and unforeseen), whilst making sacrifices, experiencing resurrection and the birth of hope. A great film that is rich in symbols and meaning - it will have something to say to you.

Welcome to the TribeMarch 7, 2016

Men: The era of the lone wolf is over. It's time to connect!

I'm guessing you're tired of bullshit and superficial conversation. I am too. So I created the Tribe for you.

Why would you want to join The Tribe? I don't know what is true for you, but what is true for me is that my life has seen dramatic improvements as the depth and intensity in my relating with close male friends (Brothers) has increased.

And now I crave that sort of depth in all areas of my life. Once I tasted the soul nutrients of Brotherhood, superficial connections became uninteresting.

If you too want depth and no-bullshit connections with men, join our Facebook group (which replaces our community platform as of March 2016). Welcome!

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Movie review from the archivesSeptember 13, 2009

Fight Club

User review

Fight Club is a portrait of one man's journey to reclaim the primal power of his inner masculine. The unnamed protagonist is an empty shell, a nobody going nowhere. He has a mind-numbing job and meaning in life boils down to redecorating his flat with new trinkets from the IKEA catalogue. When the wild and rebellious Tyler Durden shows up in his life, the stage is set for an enlightening tumble down the rabbit hole of his unconscious primal impulses. Fight Club is a brilliant exposition of the scars that form in a man's psyche when his seat of masculinity is repressed by a society that looks for compliance rather than powerful individuation and an invitation to look closer at the wild man that lives within us all.

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