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You're a man. You watch movies. Yet, you may be missing out on the full experience of the movies you watch. Do you want to leave the cinema inspired, wanting to make the most of your life? Do you want to stay inspired? Then you've come to the right place.

Join me in uncovering the archetypal path of growth that awaits in the world of movies. Watching movies will never be the same again. It's a promise.

Article favouriteNovember 14, 2009

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover – archetypes of the mature Masculine

Now updated with practices at the end. One of the most popular articles on is about the KWML archetypes outlined in Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette's book. Dive into the murky waters of your subconscious and discover that there are men who sleep inside you who are the stuff of legends. Now, your work is to wake them up. This article is a good starting place for that long road towards maturity.

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Controversial article!September 22, 2013

Hollywood as a lens to the American shadow

Hollywood makes a ridiculous amount of movies with presi-dential kidnappings, burning government buildings and invasion threats. What can taking a closer look at Hollywood through the eyes of depth psychology reveal?

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The Magician ArchetypeApril 18, 2011

Introducing the Magician Archetype


The Magician is here. He is an expert of hidden knowledge, holder of sacred space and transformer of psychological poison into wisdom. He is essential for every man who is to realize his calling for he is the archetype responsible for specialist knowledge! Get to know him today.

Meet the Magician!

The other archetypes

Latest editorial movie reviewFeb 22, 2014

Don Jon

In-depth review Don Jon is the story of Jon, a self-absorbed New Jersey-guy who loves his porn. It's a sad and funny tale of a boy-man who has lost his ability to be truthful and to connect intimately with a woman. And while the woman of his dreams, his "perfect 10" may get him turned on in a way he never has before, it will take another and altogether more real woman to initiate him into his full humanity. Don Jon is a courageous movie and this review is essential reading for any man who beats off to porn regularly.

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Latest user reviewMarch 29, 2014

The Matrix

User review

The Matrix is a movie about infinity, hero's journey and energy flows. The main character Neo is a 30-year-old hacker living a lonely life. His days are filled with tasks that don't resonate with his own core. Tired of his life he's fallen asleep with his music on. Suddenly his computer starts to talk to him. Neo listens. The journey starts.

Random user reviewSeptember 27, 2011

The Lion King

User review

The young lion cub Simba, the heir of king Mufasa, is forced into exile when his uncle Scar kills his father and leaves him with the blame. Simba is saved by Timon and Pumbaa, a meerkat and a warthog, who teaches him to leave his past behind him and not to worry - Hakuna matata. Can Simba find his way back to his true identity, return to challange Scar and claim the throne that is rightfully his? Or will he continue his laidback, no rules, no responsibility slacker lifestyle?

Introducing The TribeJanuary 31, 2011

Men: The era of the lone wolf is over. It's time to connect!

I'm excited to invite you to the new part of the Masculinity Movies website - The Masculinity Movies Tribe.

Why would you want to join The Tribe? I don't know what is true for you, but what is true for me is that my life has seen dramatic improvements as the depth and intensity in my relating with close male friends (Brothers) has increased.

And now I crave that sort of depth in all areas of my life. Truth-telling is my new hobby. Once I went there, it's so uninspiring to turn back to trivial and mundane conversations (not that I mind superficial conversation, it's just that I want that edge BAD).

So I'm excited to invite you to join the growing Tribe, to practice honing that edge and to see if my experience will also be yours. It will take some time to build the energy, but in the end I think it will kick serious ass. Welcome!

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Movie review from the archivesMarch 21, 2010

Boy A

User review

Boy A is a powerful and moving drama about Jack Burridge and his release back into society after serving a jail sentence for being complicit to the murder of a young girl. It is a brave piece of moviemaking that touches on a large array of the themes that I hold as central to my work: The raw and vulnerable fact of human ignorance, the healing qualities of the Feminine, the importance of real male friendship, role models and father figures, and the epidemic destruction caused by our society's bias against fathers in child distribution cases.

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