Introducing the Lover archetype

posted by Eivind on May 1, 2014, at 6:35 am

Finally, after years of waiting, here’s the video for the Lover archetype. I hope you enjoy it!

Please leave your comments below. Thanks!

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  • Alex

    Thanks a lot Eivind — great video. Worth the wait, your presence really shines through and validates the subject matter. I was wondering if you could speak a little bit more about the Lover and his relation to loneliness. I think that there are a lot of men especially who are denied the opportunity to express the Lover in a way that brings nourishing feedback from a community. I wonder if a man can continuously manifest his inner beliefs of vulnerability and sensuality without receiving some kind of bodily response back. I guess a question has also risen out of this thread; should a man go to where he knows he can engage in a lover’s give and take, or should he stay and try to act as a grounding presence to those around him? Many times we grow up with people who are closed to themselves, but it feels like betrayal to leave them for other shores. I have more to say but that seems a proper start.

  • Pelle

    Beautiful Eivind, A fitting and worthy conclusion to the series.

  • Thank you, Pelle!

  • Glad you like it, Alex!

    Well, I for one think that there are an awful lot of emotionally repressed men walking around. Their hearts are inaccessible to them, seemingly because their hunger for intimacy is so deep that they dare not feel it.

    Community is an excellent place to feed the Lover energy in us.

    The second question you’re asking is actually more related to the King archetype. If we were to pretend that the Lover archetype is all there is, then there is only one question: Where is the feeling of intimacy and sensual-sensory pleasure stronger?

    Questions of what serves others more are King questions.

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