Inner Throne work


Based on my knowledge of archetypes and my experience with facilitating human transformation, I have developed an archetypal growth technology that I call Inner Throne work.

It pulls on the work of Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, but adds a lot of my own unique material.*

What is Inner Throne work?

Inner Throne work is based on the insight that we all have a metaphorical inner throne, on which the true regent of our lives (our Kingdom) sits. In a mature individual, that regent is the archetype of the Sovereign (King/Queen). In most people, however, that throne has been usurped by forces which do not belong there, with detrimental effects to us and our surroundings.

In extreme cases, the throne is possessed entirely by foreign psychological energy, arising e.g. from childhood abuse, but for most of us, we inhabit the throne in some situations, but surrender it in others. Our level of self-governance** thus exists on a spectrum between complete pathology and complete empowerment.

Inner Throne work is a high-intensity facilitated process of taking back the throne so we become the true regents of our own lives. That may not happen all in one go, but repeat exposure to this process will help us regain the life-giving blessings of the archetype of the Sovereign at ever-deepening levels.

This work has been described as having similarities with both voice dialogue work and family constellation work, but was not directly inspired by either (it emerged in quite mysterious ways) and has been described as being more powerful.

You can have massive breakthroughs in very little time, or at worst have deep insights into the places in your life where you are giving away your power.

The process takes about an hour and at this moment, I’m the only trained facilitator in the world for this method (which will probably change, as experienced facilitators can be taught it relatively quickly).

Where can I experience Inner Throne work?

I will likely facilitate this work around the world for many years to come. My home is Norway, but I have delivered this work in the US and will soon deliver it in Holland.

If you have a desire to experience this and can get at least 5 willing participants, I’m willing to travel to offer my daylong Inner Throne workshop at a rate of $200 per person (provided you cover transportation, food and lodging).

What do people say about Inner Throne work?

casey-capshawEivind’s Inner Throne work is a masterful application of mythology and archetypes to access perennial wisdom and internal power. It seems we each follow a similar but distinctive “hero’s journey” through life. This Inner Throne workshop is a powerful accelerator for this process, opening up whole new categories of possibility in purpose and relationship. Eivind is a skilled shaman in this mysterious unfolding.

— Casey Capshaw, director of Authentic Man Program



ashleigh-sinclaireI listened to a strong impulse and supported Eivind for his Inner Throne workshop in Boulder, Colorado and I am so glad I did. His capacity of creating and holding a strong, safe container and his knowledge and authentic transparency of the material allowed the participants to drop in fairly quickly into raw, unknown territory.

I can describe this work as Archetypal Energy meets Voice Dialogue meets Family Constellation and is alive and has a dynamic flow that I have not experienced with the other modalities.

One participant experienced a transformational breakthrough that was viscerally felt in the room. This work is extremely powerful to deeply see, move, and release ourselves from contractions, old beliefs and agreements, especially with family members and into self-empowerment.

It was an honor and a privilege to be in the room with Eivind and the courageous souls that participated. I would gladly do it again.

— Ashleigh Sinclaire, experienced coach and facilitator,


Video testimonial by Ering M. Brandt,

Video testimonial by Jake Bornstein

* The Inner Throne work was first developed together with my friend Pål Christian Buntz in 2012 (a process for which I am grateful), but I have since developed it further.

** Self-governance in this context is not merely being in charge of our own autonomous destinies, it paradoxically also involves surrendering into a deeper flow of experiential flux and uncertainty. We become part of a larger WE, that involves also the natural world, and autonomy eventually starts losing its appeal. This is at higher levels of development. It is unlikely that going through this process once will result in this level of transpersonal realization, but it can point the way there.