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    Movies as a path: From passive to active watching

    What do movies have to do with becoming a mature man you may ask? And I say: Good question! There is something inherently passive about watching movies. I spend a few bucks and sit down in a Read more »

    Hollywood as a lens to the American shadow

    The US is a country that has not experienced foreign powers on home turf after its formation*. One would think this would lead the American mind to a place of harmony and peace. Yet, Hollywood Read more »

    An introduction to Gnosticism

    When Eivind visited me at my home in Weert, Netherlands in May of 2010, we watched The Last Temptation of Christ together. Eivind was working on a review of the movie at the time and as we share Read more »

    An Earthknight Manifesto

    The following is an excerpt from the book "The Warrior Within" by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette. There is no such thing as a harmless or unarmed human being. Those who would deny that they Read more »

    An introduction to Spiral Dynamics

    Introduction One of the most important realizations on the path of growth is that there are actually stages of development that you can grow through. If a man is unable to recognize that, then he Read more »

    What is masculinity?

    What is masculinity? What does it look like? What does it speak like? What does it feel like? Let's go through this in an orderly fashion: Masculinity is... Not synonymous with "man". Just like Read more »

    David Deida and the three knights of Iron John

    When we set out on the path of growth, it is helpful to have a map of the inner realms we are about to explore. By now there are many to choose from: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Spiral Dynamics, Read more »

    Differences between boys and men

    This article is a work in progress From FIT expert Shawn Phillips Boys Men Gadgets Tools Unpredictable Dependable Consume Produce Take Give Seek Power Cultivate Strength Hide Fear Have Confidence Read more »

    Understanding the Masculine and the Feminine

    What is the Masculine? What is the Feminine? These questions have reverberated through the pathways of my mind for the past several years. And as the authentic curiosity of this ancient question Read more »

    The three stages of David Deida

    This is a brief introduction to the three evolutionary stages presented in David Deida's work. I have chosen to abbreviate them as "DD1", "DD2" and "DD3" in other writing on this site. For more Read more »

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