Differences between boys and men

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From FIT expert Shawn Phillips

Boys Men
Gadgets Tools
Unpredictable Dependable
Consume Produce
Take Give
Seek Power Cultivate Strength
Hide Fear Have Confidence
Things Assets
More Muscle More Vitality
Avoid Embrace
Lust Love
Try Do!
Glorify Effort Celebrate Results
Do Things To… Get Things Done
Seek Praise Give Praise

Hallmarks of a mature man

  • Men have Presence
  • Men have Integrity
  • Men are playful
  • Men have Discipline
  • Men live to serve
  • Men will make sacrifices
  • Men worship the Feminine
  • Men penetrate the Feminine
  • Men know how to circulate sexual energy
  • Men are loyal
  • Men are dedicated to something greater than themselves
  • Men live with death as their constant companion
  • Men’s mission in the world takes precedence over their relationship with their partner
  • Men know how to deal with discomfort and danger
  • Men work tirelessly to fulfill their goals, but have little attachment to the outcome
  • Men don’t require praise, fame, or glory to keep going
  • Men carry a relaxed and natural authority
  • Men listen with total presence and profound stillness
  • Men are true students

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