Coaching: Your quest to claim your life awaits you


Life was meant to be better, wasn’t it? You were supposed to be successful, admired, moving from strength to strength.

That’s what you dreamed of when you were younger.

And then life happened. Your day is filled with routine. Of shopping food, driving the car along the same damned road day in and day out. Thinking the same thoughts. Feeling the same things.

Maybe changing diapers. Maybe watching the news. Maybe shooting the shit with your buddies, playing the “yes-dear”-routine with your woman, never really knowing who you or they are.

And somehow, you know that there is more. But you can’t quite find it. And after all, you seem to be doing everything by the book. So I guess it’s supposed to be like this?

Yet, there is that voice inside of you, that is building, whispering “enough!”. Enough with pretending. Enough with pretense.

But what is there to replace it?

If this sounds familiar, I have a word for you – a word I want you to absorb with every pore of your skin, every cell of your body: Wildness. You may not have noticed, but somewhere along the way, you were tamed. And happening in clear view, for everyone to see had they but eyes, you changed into a sad lion stuck inside the metal cage of a travelling circus.

What happened to your dignity? Why did you give it away so freely?

The world cannot afford you being miserable, Brother. It cannot afford you playing it small. The world is burning and your blessing and your curse, were you to take yourself seriously and break free from your prison, is that you get to put out the flames, in ways that are exactly right for you.

Imagine sustaining yourself financially by giving your Great Work in the world. Or simply by finding your heart and power inside what you already do. Everything is possible if you uncover the true treasure that lives in you.

The time is here to:

  • … step out of a life of shame and playing it small and discover that there’s a beautiful, powerful gift that wants to be given through you.
  • …discover that actually giving that gift is the only way you’ll ever find real happiness in this lifetime.
  • …find that you not expressing that gift is like resisting the evolutionary process, guaranteeing your continued unfulfillment.

Wildness is a place where mysterious creative forces pour into and through you. It is a place of love, passion, power, and purpose. It is your home.


When I started working with Eivind, I felt a lot of darkness and chaos inside. I was severely addicted, out of touch with my heart and anxiety and despair were common experiences. Today, I feel connected to my heart and the dark chaos is almost gone. I am in touch with my emotions, have a richer intimate and social life and am less tormented by addictions. To top it off, I’m feeling much more empowered in my life purpose. I have come a long way! Thanks, Eivind

– Norwegian man, 36

Eivind sees me like noone ever has. And what he offers is something I’ve never experienced anywhere. Highly recommended.

– Luis

Eivind has a way of reaching out and giving a hand no matter where I am at, feeling that he truly shares excitement and honours every step of my journey into the discoveries of my world, be it the beautifull or the ugly, everything is appreciated and honoured. This is an awesome space to be in!

Thank you for helping me to discover how much i missed the ability to say “FUCK OFF” when it is appropiate, and staying with me while I establish the refreshing vision of wanting to take the world by the balls.

– Benjamin

The nice, domesticated man. Is that you?

There is a scene in American Beauty where Lester Burnham stands up to his wife Carolyn at the dinner table, smashing a plate of asparagus into the wall in service of his own power and dignity in life.  The movie then proceeds to exquisitely show how Lester’s reclaiming of his balls puts him in touch with the inherent beauty of existence.

Our culture doesn’t want us to be powerful. So we suffer. And, like Lester, we lose love, vitality and the recognition of beauty in the process. This is not dignified. This is not beautiful. This is politically correct. And it is killing us. That has got to stop.

Are you paying attention? Good! Come close and listen: Your life needs to change. The world needs you to become who you truly are. Politically correct nonsense is destroying you. And it is destroying the world. It’s taking you out, like a toxic spear to the groin that wants to turn you impotent.

Just like Lester in American Beauty, you must re-embrace your wild parts, as a living expression of nature’s uncompromising love. Make no mistake; you living your truth is inconvenient, because it confronts everyone who isn’t (which is the majority). And it will cost you. And there is nothing which will bring you more joy.

It’s the price you’ll have to pay to be in profound service to the world. You’re here to make an impact. That is your destiny. That is where you’ll find yourself.

Your own unique path through the enchanted woods of life await you. If you are walking someone else’s, you’re wasting your life and your death will reflect it. Somewhere, hidden in the dense foliage, is a trail along which only your soul can travel.

Let me be your guide on that journey.

4-week coaching package: “Reclaim your Wildness”

This coaching package includes the following:

  • 4 weeks of coaching (1 Skype call per week), with a focus on reclaiming your Wildness
  • Start the path of descent into your unconscious
  • Focus on where you step out of connection and the moment to avoid intensity
  • Exercises to put you in touch with your power and grounding
  • Homework and practices
  • Movies and books to deepen the experience

When you decide you want to know more about this coaching package and how it can transform your life, order a discovery call below.


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High-end coaching

If you would like to enter into a one-year long collaboration with me with the soul purpose of totally revolutionizing your life experience, contact me. I’m SO so dedicated to your transformation and I can’t wait to see how I can serve your needs.

I will apply all my wisdom and energy to that process, serving you with work that’s been called “the next wave of Men’s work” by Max Warren, “the most powerful self-development work I’ve ever done” by Stephen Whiting and “the work that turned me into a man” by Dimitri.

Whatever option you choose, I look forward to getting to know you!

Eivind Figenschau Skjellum