An Earthknight Manifesto

The following is an excerpt from the book “The Warrior Within” by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette.

  1. There is no such thing as a harmless or unarmed human being. Those who would deny that they either possess or need Warrior energy are merely in denial and expressing the Warrior in shadow forms.
  2. This denial of human aggression—particularly male aggression—must be confronted and worked through until one can engage aggression in oneself and in others maturely and responsibly. This is not just a private issue—it is a matter of public responsibility.
  3. Warrior responsibility cannot be delegated— if your community, your city, your world is unsafe for your brothers and sisters and their children, the buck stops with you.
  4. Competence in the discipline and skills of the Warrior must be learned—and no one can do it for you.
  5. Martial arts in some form should be a required part of the educational curriculum for boys and girls, and men and women of all ages.
  6. All education in martial arts should be framed under the vision of shared responsibility to promote and defend an inclusive, post-tribal humane human community on our home planet.
  7. There are real enemies of this just and peaceful planetary community that are not a creation of paranoia and that if left unopposed will destroy our potential for a humane human future. This “monster boy” landscape is populated by well-organized, financed, and politically connected interests that are happy if you ignore them, at most just say bad things about them, or limit yourself to whining and playing “Ain’t It Awful.” Most of these real enemies of a humane planetary future could be helped toward more mature masculine and feminine initiations. But in the landscape of “monster” country, it is usually necessary that confrontation precede such transformations. At any rate, so far as men at least are concerned, many will never experience transformation into responsible masculine maturity—but must be checked through active opposition. Their destructiveness must be stopped, or at least decisively limited: This will not make them happy. If you have assumed your Warrior responsibilities, it will make your life more challenging—and more dangerous.
  8. Effective engagement will require effective warrior initiations leading to preparation, mobilization, strategic thinking, networking, and cooperation on international and local grass roots levels.
  9. The confrontation and engagement that must be planned for, resourced, and expedited must be seen in a global, international, intersystemic context with the ecological struggle among the top priorities, and expanding as soon as possible into other fronts.
  10. As Saul Alinsky noted, you don’t need everyone to win: 1 percent of the male population of our species with consolidated warrior initiations and committed to an inclusive vision, could make a decisive difference for the world future.
  11. The buck stops with you. Prepare yourself. Step forward. Accept your Warrior responsibilities. Fit your talents and resources to the arena or theater that seems to need you the most.
  12. Victory is not an outmoded or demonic concept. We shall overcome!

Other magnificent men are already engaged in struggles against chaos and destructiveness in all its many forms. If there isn’t a men’s organization in your community that engages in the struggle, start one and become part of its leadership.

Become a general in the struggle for a humane planetary future. If this is asking more than you are competent to give now, find your level; get more experience and training, then assume all the responsibility that you can carry. Future generations on our planet may not know your name, but they will remember you and bless you as part of the magnificent vanguard who stepped into the breach at this very decisive time in human history and fought to secure a viable future for the children—the sons and daughters—of this beloved planet Earth.


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