Introducing the Magician archetype

posted by Eivind on April 18, 2011, at 7:22 am

Here comes the video for the Magician archetype, this time in HD and featuring more illustrations and music.

Please share with us how the Magician archetype shows up in your life in the comments below.

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  • Lukifer Aurelius

    Wow, I love how you did this one bro. The structure, pictures and comments throughout were really helpful. Some pretty funny bits in there too 😀  

    Awesome job!

  • Thanks, Lukifer, I’m glad to hear that you like it! I myself thought it was the best one yet. Getting there.. :-)


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  • Good work, brother Eivind! I’m happy that I could support you in creating this.

    The text, pictures and music make it very accessible.

  • Hi Eivind!
    You are doing a fabulous job, explaining complex human traits in a very clear way. I was just watching this with my sixteen year old son. He got all exited. If it is ok with you I will link up your on my livingmasculinity blog. This is right on for men who likes to look in the depth.

  • So good! The extra structure, with the similar intimate style of presntation is great! Great structure! & the adition of the small graphics & images of people whyo are role modles of the dark & light aspects are great!I need to keep working with these archetypes. Learning stuff, about all the archetypes, growing up & being intiated finally, all this needs the skill of the magician I think.

  • Thought-provoking stuff! I especially like the reference to the ‘liminal’ spaces that we sometimes occupy. Some signals and signs I watch for myself are definitely found in these spaces/dreams. I agree with your comment about knowing the difference between calling and fantasy, to learn to not dream ones life away. So, as often as possible, I challenge myself to step outside of my comfort-zone, even if it makes me feel awkward, stupid or naïve. Only then am I truly learning about – and am therefore open to changing – myself. My grandma recently reminded me that “Variety is the spice of life!”. I believe that the KWML give’s us a framework of multiple lenses through which to view ourselves and the rich world of experiences that lie at our fingertips. Thank you Eivind, for allowing us to pop our magicians hats on and to feel confident to keep exploring! “The road goes ever on and on…”

  • I would be honored by that link, Dag.

    I’m touched by the image of you and your son watching this together. Thank you

  • Glad to hear you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone, Marten. I do that as well, but not nearly as much as my Soul wants me to. I feel that in me strongly. Maybe you can teach me about that. The archetypes are good aren’t they? They feel so alive to me – so easy to relate to in my life.

    Thanks for the nice comment, Aaron. Yep, the Magician is important for those things!


  • Renelle

    Hello Eivind,

    I just wanted to congratulate you on this third installment of the KWML series. The new format reflects the quality of your dedication to and effort with this whole  exercise.

    Well done.




  • Thanks, Renelle – I appreciate it :)

  • Thomas Gramstad

    Good job! Clear, accessible, and fun too!

  • Thanks, Thomas :-) I’m glad you liked it!

    And I enjoy hearing that people found it funny.

  • I want to acknowledge you Eivind,  for the contribution and gift that you are to humanity.    I recently began exploring archetypes through the work of caroline myss and found you through the authentic man program.  Thank you for animating the archetypes into my reality and guiding me to embrace the full power of my masculinty!   I used to a people pleasing, nice boy on the outside and a frustrated, resentful and angry child on the inside.   I am pleased to say that I barely even recognise that part of myself anymore!

  • Thanks, Simon! That feels good.

    I’m glad to hear that the nice boy is almost gone from you. He still lingers in me. I’m finding that the road to fully mature, fully embodied manhood is long. Though the archetypes have helped me a lot in moving in the right direction! Sounds like that is the case for you too!

  • Alex C

    I am excited for the Lover video Eivind! Hopefully it will follow this format.

  • I’m inspired by your enthusiasm, Alex :-)

    The Lover is still taking his time in the sun of my garden here. He is sipping good wine, reciting poetry, exploring humanity and dancing to sensual music. Quite enjoying his company. He is not quite ready to speak with you, but I think he will come knocking sometime in September.

    I hope you can wait a bit..

  • Zack

    I read your article yesterday on this subject and have listened to all of these videos this morning. I can definitely see the improvement in this video! I wish the previous two had been structured this way, but it just makes me more excited to watch the next.

    I’m a huge Jung fan, so this theory really gets me going. I’d like to see a little bit more about boy archetypes in your article, including how they steadily grow and mature into the man archetypes… but that’s only because I’m hungry for more. ;D

  • Nice put, Eivind, very inspirating, for my upcoming man group workshop in Aalborg 😉
    Eivind the grey ?

  • Well done mate, the mists continue to recede and sunlight breaks through the consciousness of male Mirk-wood. I would agree the best yet. I will forward this to our brothers in our I group as the magician has proved like the lynx a little bit shy to reveal its mysteries and gifts from our inner depths. Many blessings from Scotland on your path of helping others.

  • EivindFS

    Hey Jason,

    Glad to hear from you. If I’ve got my brain cards shuffled right today, I believe you wrote me at the beginning of this year and I haven’t replied. It’s been on my to do list. But here you are. Thanks for stopping by, dude. I’d love if you joined the Tribe – would make it easier to connect. I’m always challenged by juggling my ever-increasing network.

    How are you? I just went through my inbox and saw another lovely e-mail you sent me a long time ago. Aw, now I feel a bit said that I haven’t been keeping track…

    But to be frank, Bro – I’m not always so good with that. Anyway, I’m happy to be connecting with you again. I hope to staff a NWTA sometime this year. I hope to see you then. (maybe in Sweden if the almighty is willing)


  • gloriam

    how do people recover if they are caught in the passive shadow aspect? 

  • Gloriam

    what happened to ‘the lover’???!!??

  • I’m a “female” magician, let’s chat :) Facebook me!

  • thomdez

    I would say that you are talking about the unconscious.

  • bodwyn

    Thank you thank you thank you! This helps me frame the lid-lifting that’s been happening lately. Phew!
    I know a lot about the archetypes but this is new for me – so useful.
    I look forward to your take on the other archetypes :)

  • Hey Bodwyn, glad it helps :)

    Just FYI – all the other archetype videos are already available on this site. Though they are old!

    If you want my new archetype work, go to

    Enjoy and have a great 2016 buddy

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