Introducing the KWML archetypes: The King

posted by Eivind on December 13, 2010, at 12:34 am

Finally, as promised, here it is. This is the first video in a series of four on the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover archetypes. The first deals with the King.

This is my first time teaching on video like this and I want you to be real honest with me how you experience it. It's kind of foreign to me and I'm still getting used to it. Tell me what works and what doesn't so I can give you more of what you want and less of what you don't.


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  • Lukifer Aurelius

    Hey Eivind, Nice video. Great material, I have only recently delved into the kwml book by Gillette and Moore and I’m really liking it.

    A bit of feedback on the presentation here. I feel like it could do with more of a solid structure for you to follow ( at the beginning there was quite a bit of umm-ing and silent moments of you collecting yourself and figuring out where to go). I think if you had a clearer structure laid out of how you wanted to explore each archetype it might add more impact to your presentation.

    Perhaps on introducing the archetypes you could explain the boy and man versions and their bipolar shadows, for people who may not know.

    Hope that helps and thanks for your work!

  • Great feedback, Lukifer. I agree with you here. I felt I lacked the clear structure and did struggle a little hitting my stride. I have already recorded the Warrior. Both of these were done in an impromptu way with very little planning. I’ll make sure that the Magician recording has more structure.

    Did you feel that the last half was a bit better than the first?


  • Lukifer Aurelius

    Yea definately, once you hit your stride your descriptions became more full and relevant on a personal level, for me at least :)

  • Diane

    I love this concept of video and explaining the 4 archetypes. I likes the examples of the kingdom, makes it easy to understand and visualize.

    Very much liked the comment about political leaders, we see that in the U.S. currently.

    May I suggest more description on how to identify a King (in thise case), what their strengths are and what their areas of opportunity are.

    (Applies to a Queen as well, King/Queen)

    -Kings tend to dress crisply and neatly
    -Kings are more left brained, so more analytical (i.e. lists, order, neatness)
    -Kings are ‘benevolent leaders’
    -More about nurturing than confidence
    -People come to Kings for their advice, a way to appeal to a King is to ask them for advice
    -Usually set in their ways, not flexible
    -Has difficulty making decisions (not action oriented)

    As a Warior woman (Queen next), I tend to like Kings because they are my emotional opposite but intellectually similar (analytical).

  • Thanks, Diane. Your feedback is very useful and I agree with what you’re saying.

    Though it seems from your understanding of the King that you have studied them through different sources than my own. Do you have your knowledge from Dr Paul? Or somewhere else? It would be interesting to look more at that material, though I’m clearly more drawn towards Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette’s stuff.

    I’m looking forward to your reply.


  • Wonderful. As an artist – visual learning is superb! I like what Lukifer siad about starting with a clear presentation of the archetype under consideration – I think that would help.

    Myself, as an artist – I loved the way you just started and worked your way into the depth of the content in a “story telling” type way – but – I do think a slightly more structured way into the story telling would help.

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  • Well done for starting this project and getting it done. I feel that the way you did it showed a vulnerability and therefore a strength. Not overproduced and ‘perfect’ but more importantly for me that I can feel that you are a real person with a vision and a passion that started shining through in the second half. So even if I dont look at the content of what you are sharing (The King), your journey of how you started the presentation, the middle and how you ended is metaphorically for me showing the different archetypes as well. So I have posted it on our mens groups site to spread the message and to discuss ‘your presentation’ in the coming months. Welcome to really be-coming a part of masculine movies….. from interior to exterior and back to interior…. full circle. Once again, well done and look forward to the next quarter of the realm and your wisdom about it.

  • Thanks for the feedback, Aaron. I am aiming for a more structured approach when I record the Magician in the beginning of March (Warrior is already recorded).

    Cheers, Jason – that feels good to hear. I’m very unfamiliar with this type of thing and I’m glad that you actually found that to be an asset of sorts. I have been meaning to invest some more time in postproduction of the Warrior video (which has been ready in a format like the King for many weeks), but now I’m thinking that I should maybe just get it out to you and not have you wait for several more weeks just to add some music and nice scenes from movies. What do you think?

  • Please do post The Warrior. I am really keen to listen / look at it Eivind. I so apreciate your intlectual & emotional presentation of these archetypes. I like to learn through words, & reading mostly – but I am highly visual as wel, and these visdeos spaek to me on the level of mind, sight, and emotion. the emoptioanl level I find hardest – so I really apreciate these from you!

     I like what you say Jason. The journey Eivind shares with us all online is truely inspiring! It is profoundly real & open – & that inspires me to libve more this way!

  • Okay, Aaron – thanks for the great feedback and I’ll try and get it done for you this weekend. Appears I haven’t rendered it after all – and when that is the case, I will definitely do a little touching up.

    Hey, Aaron – I wanna say that it strikes me on a deep level what you write about my journey. I am grateful. I have some insecurities around this work and to actually realize that it makes it more accessible for many is a blessing.

    And I’m also starting to feel how my insecurities are just part of the general texture of my life – they can be there without preventing me from doing what I feel called to from within. I’m understanding how courage is not absence of fear, it’s acting in spite of it. I feel that on a deeper level now that I’m in the middle of this.

    Cheers, Bro :-)

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  • Heya! Thanks for that. Again, what yoyu say feeds back – I really apreciate what you share about your insceurities around the work. I feel that around what small begining I ahve made my self, & it inspires me to hear you say the same, when I see how much further down the path you apear to be to me. And — YES- the fear (leaning inot ones edge as Deida puts it) is part of the texture of a man’s life. I am in a better space when I remeber that. When I forget it I revert to thinking it should not be there. All should be calm & joy, & bland. An old habbit of wanting things to be predictabl & safe. Courage is definotly feeling the fear & doing it any way – it is not the absense of fear.

    I look forward to the Warrior! Thanks again Eivind!!!

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  • Karl-Otto Sandvik

    I stumbled into Iron John some year ago, i met AMP in 2009 i´ll guess, then started my own man-coaching company, then worked as coach for men in crisis after divorce, and now, restarting my company.;)) I have been cravling out of my ashes for ten years now and seeing glimses of my adolthood. 
    My reptile arketypes shivers and tremble as they are being released from their prison.You are welcom to Aalborg when i arrange the seminar for men and boys, together.

  • Eivind F S

    Thanks for the invitation, Karl-Otto. Please send me more information as it comes available!

  • Laura

    I’m not trying to be a better man (because I am a woman) But I have learned to let go of a lot of my “Girl” watching your videos. Love your work!

  • Thanks, Laura! That is quite exciting to hear. I’d love to hear more about your process of letting go of your girl by watching these videos if you’re willing to share. Maybe I can learn something from it.

  • Laura

    Hi Eivind,

    I watched all the videos. (I am waiting for the Lover video
    because I am the Lover- Always have been, always will be)

    But I learned that sometimes I have looked to people outside
    myself to run my Kingdom. I am more in
    control of my own Kingdom now. I also
    learned to have better boundaries to protect myself. “The world isn’t just a flowery meadow with laughing children,” like you said. You
    need to protect yourself.

    I am more respectful of boundaries. I am more comfortable hearing and accepting the word, “No,” from others. I think a girl struggles hearing the word “No.” A woman does not.

    I feel more whole now.
    I take risks, do things just outside my comfort zone, trust my
    intuition and have more order in my life.

    I am waiting for the lover video (the final piece) and I will be set for life! :)

  • It’s exciting to hear that my work has unintended consequences out in the world!

    Yeah, I’ll get my ass in gear and make the Lover video soon! To make you perfect and all I mean lol :)

  • Yes, make me perfect! LOL. I mean whole. 😉

  • I like that. wholeness is where it’s at! Whatever little things I can do to contribute…

  • I might take you up on that! 😉

  • Ruben Idigora

    Thank you Eivind for your work. It makes me understand myself in a very visual and simple way.
    I now know what pieces of me are underpowered or even missing! Namaste

  • Great to hear that, Ruben!

    I encourage you to check out my way deeper archetype work available on A new round coming up in March. Hope to see you there :)


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