Eivind Figenschau Skjellum

Eivind Figenschau Skjellum

Eivind is a 35-year-old man from Norway. He is an award-winning webdesigner, workshop facilitator and guide for many younger men. He is also an authority on Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette's system of archetypes King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.

Eivind founded Authentic Norway, a branch of US-based Authentic World in 2011. Through AW, he and his team offer fun and edgy communications training to the locals of Oslo, Norway and challenges them to drop their masks and get real with one another.

He has been on an intense quest to find his own power, freedom and embodiment in life since his early 20s, when he was overwhelmed by the challenges of life. Unmentored and afraid, he set off into the world of spirituality, emerging from that spiritual bypass at 28 years old. Life and women were calling more strongly than the now-faded promise of enlightenment.

Eivind founded masculinity-movies.com at the start of 2009. It started with basis in a conceptual understanding of the challenges of embodying a new type of masculinity in the world, inspired by luminaries such as David Deida and Ken Wilber. He was also deeply inspired by his desire to show up fully in his relationship with his then-girlfriend.

It's only in the last year, however, that he has truly tasted, and only at times, what this new form of masculinity might look like.

After taking a break from Masculinity-Movies.com for about a year (in order to embody the message more fully), Eivind is now recommitting to spreading the word about this new type of masculinity - both heart and spine. And the lens of movies remains his favorite way of broaching the subject. (Aug 2013)

My background

  • Went through a crisis in my early 20s, where I feared I was going insane
  • Went into spiritual practice to address the enormous fear I had of becoming a psychotic murderer
  • Discovered many years later I was heavily into spiritual bypassing and started my true path of alchemy and descent
  • Have transmuted my wounds from my early 20s (which were around repressed power and sexuality) into my gifts to the world
  • Been running this site since January 2009 and have reached thousands of men the world over
  • Facilitated men's groups since 2010
  • Involved in Mankind Project and started Scandinavia's first real iGroup in 2011
  • Practiced meditation since year 2000
  • Had a kundalini awakening in 2006 which has taken me, with time, into tantric realms of sexuality
  • Have been deep into Tibetan Buddhism and travelled twice on pilgrimage to India
  • Translated David Deida to Norwegian
  • Founded Authentic Norway together with Bryan Bayer
  • Organized the first ever retreat in Europe with Authentic World's Decker Cunov
  • Internationally recognized expert on KWML archetypes and my article on them is featured in the top 3 list on Google
  • Have developed several courses and workshops, which I put on locally in Oslo, Norway. One of these is a weekend workshop on the KWML archetypes.
  • Leadership training with Celebration of Being
  • Certified Circling-facilitator with Authentic World in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Intimate with the territory of darkness, depression and insanity and will put my life on the line to defend the notion that they’re the gateways to your deepest gifts to the world



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  • Donovan Mccl

    Hi Eivind,

    Absolutely fantastic breakdown of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. It’s a pretty complex (and touchy) subject and your summary, diagrams, and breakdown made a world of difference. Thanks man!! And good luck with your journey 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Cheers, Donovan. I’m glad my KWML means something to you. The video of the Lover archetype will hopefully arrive soon – making the set complete 🙂

  • I have just discovered some of your work on the net and am astounded at the depth and breadth of it–I wondered if you have developed any experiential workshops incorporating your knowledge and research.  I see great potential for this. I also wondered if you would give your blessing to me to use some of your concepts in a workshop I am creating for men  and women utilizing your concepts.  I always give credit to sources.  I have worked formerly as a college instructor of English. 

  • EivindFS

    Hi Juliana! Thanks – I’m glad you are here and finding value in my work.

    My first hit is that I would be happy to let you use some of my concepts in a workshop. Most definitely. And I would like to speak with you about how that would look first. Anytime we both have time on Skype would be a good opportunity to have that conversation.

    Personally, I *have* started putting on workshops lately. Mainly featuring the KWML Archetypes, but also with Authentic Relating stuff under the Authentic World umbrella.

    And there will be more. Let’s connect. Write me on the contact page and I’m sure we can find a way to help each other 🙂


  • Marina

    Hi Eivind, I am so pleased to discover your website today and I totally agree with Juliana! My name is Marina Fomina. I am a scientist (bioscientist) and a life coach. I have been using archetypes in my coaching for years with amazing results. I have my own approach I call “Archetyping”. It would be fantastic to be connected. Would you be interested in guest female authors sharing their views here? Thanks for inspiration! Have fantastic holidays and happy 2014! Marina

  • Thanks, Marina 🙂

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