ACT NOW and work with me one on one for FREE. In this 30-minute coaching call, we’ll take a look at your life and your challenges in it. We’ll map out what works and what doesn’t and see where you want to move next. I will offer you free coaching tools that you can use without me later on. There is no small print here. Although I would love for you to become a regular client, there are no obligations.

To take me up on this offer, fill out the Doodle calendar at the bottom of the page. Request a 30-minute time slot and add your e-mail to the request so that we can go from there.

About my coaching

My mission as a coach is to meet you in the most personal, authentic way I can. I will bring my presence and deep desire to really understand what life is like for you. In working with men for years, I’ve come to understand that what’s most important to you is to feel seen, heard, respected, honored and challenged. I bring my theoretical background as well as my own life experience, heart, gut and balls to the session with you.

Feedback I’ve received from men who have been going to mainstream psychologists and therapists include “why have noone asked me this before?” or “this is what I was looking for in all those years of therapy”. My takeaway is that a lot of professionals out there have forgotten the art of truly connecting on a human-to-human level with their clients.

My coaching practice is based on my expertise on archetypes, my involvement in men’s groups for years, leadership trainings with various organizations, my studies and writings here on this site, more than a decade of meditating and burning in my all-consuming passion for inner growth, facilitation of workshops and courses on communication as well as a deep-seated and inborn sensitivity and intuition.

My primary purpose is to bring a no-bullshit approach to our work together and to challenge you to embrace your greatness. I will not sit idly by when you’re beating yourself up. I will defend the best parts of you when you’ve forgotten how.

My desire for you is that you embrace who you are right now. I’m not one of those guys who will encourage you to start repairing yourself. That’s just self-hating bullshit. I will encourage you to embrace who you are, warts and all, because I know that’s the true start of personal empowerment, healing and maturity.

And while you may be perfect as you are, you can probably use some improvement. That’s true for us all and my inspiration for you is to embrace yourself sufficiently to remove fear of what is and masochism out of life. From there, we can really start co-creating a new and empowered life for you.

My background

  • Been running this site since January 2009 and have reached thousands of men the world over
  • Facilitated men’s groups since 2010
  • Involved in Mankind Project and started Scandinavia’s first real iGroup in 2011
  • Practiced meditation since year 2000
  • Had a kundalini awakening in 2006 which has taken me, with time, into tantric realms of sexuality
  • Have been deep into Tibetan Buddhism and travelled twice on pilgrimage to India
  • Translated David Deida to Norwegian
  • Founded Authentic World Norway together with Bryan Bayer
  • Organized the first ever retreat in Europe with Authentic World’s Decker Cunov
  • Expert on KWML archetypes and my article on them is featured in the top 3 list on Google
  • Have developed several courses and workshops, which I put on locally in Oslo, Norway. One of these is a weekend workshop on the KWML archetypes.

Prices January 1, 2013

100$ per session, to be paid in advance via Paypal. (But for a limited time, you can get a coaching lesson for $50).

If you want to work with me, send me a message on the contact page.


The first that comes to my mind is;

Fun, exciting and refreshing.

The feeling of brotherhood (and not therapist/client relationship) and equal respect is always present, no matter how nervous, low or disconnected I feel. This is a beautiful thing to experience, since Ive personaly have not had much experience with this kind of relationship earlier. Neither with friends nor therapists. And this experience of brotherhood alone has been a very healing experience in many different areas in my life.

Eivind has a way of reaching out and giving a hand no matter where I am at, feeling that he truly shares excitement and honours every step of my journey into the discoveries of my world, be it the beautifull or the ugly, everything is appreciated and honoured. This is and awesome space to be in!

My biggest appreciation to Eivind is about the discoveries I made, because It could have taken me years of more hard work with something that never worked anyways. Ive been trying to solve my problems with the stick instead of the carrot all these years. And this has haulted my self-development, and causing a mess in numeourus areas of my life.

Thank you for helping me to discover how much i missed the ability to say “FUCK OFF” when it is appropiate, and staying with me while I establish the refreshing vision of wanting to take the world by the balls.

– Benjamin

“Eivind sees me like noone ever has. He’s genuinely interested in helping me and what he’s offering is something I’ve never experienced elsewhere. I’m confident in recommending him to others who struggle with fitting into contemporary society. Eivind will listen to you and respond to you as a fully embodied human being, not as a statistic on a form.”

– Luis

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