13 Assassins (2010)

Published: Dec 18, 2011 |Updated: Mar 10, 2023


“A group of assassins come together for a suicide mission to kill an evil lord.”

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Genre Drama
Production year 2010
Director Takeshi Miike
Male actors Kôji Yakusho

The Warrior spirit of ancient Japan

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For those of you who enjoyed “The Last Samurai”, the “Seven Samurai”, and “300” you’re in for a treat. 13 Assassins is a movie about warriors willing to lay their life for a Just cause – Killing a sadistic lord Naritsugu who will plunge the country into chaos.

Entrusted to this task is Shinzaemon Shimada, who leads 12 others to kill the Lord on his route from Edo to Akashi. This will be no easy task as the 13 assassins will have to overcome Naritsugu’s entourage of 200 soldiers led by Shinzaemon master swords man rival Hanbei Kitou.

This movie is an amazing sit down with your boys and watch the fun. While the movie takes some time to build up and develop the cast, the end includes a 45 Minute non-stop action sequence.

Powerful ideas from 13 Assassins

  • "Being willing to put your life down for you mission": These 13 Assassins are willing to gamble their lives against an army of 200 soldiers, all of them committed to killing the tyrant even at the costs of their life. In fact, all of the assassins knew that this was a suicide mission seeking a true warrior’s death. How committed are you to the decisions you make. To gamble your own life on Victory?
  • "Warrior Values: Authority vs People": The final scene is a philosophical clash of ideals between "Serving the lord" and "Serving the People". Maybe there are times in life where it feels like our employer, boss, company mission are the ones to dedicate life to. The battle between Hanbei and Shinzaemon is reflection of a missions that clash when people have to choose between serving the system (Corporate Mission) or serving the people (Life's Mission/Higher Purpose).

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