Blood Diamond (2006)

Published: Feb 12, 2012 |Updated: Mar 10, 2023


Blood Diamond is a story aimed at depicting the very real struggles in South Africa concerning the mining and sales of ‘blood diamonds’ on the Western market as they are sold from a place of conflict on the black market.

The story follows the character “Danny Archer” a white ‘African’ when he hears of a large diamond found by a slave laborer.

Genre Drama
Production year 2006
Director Edward Zwick
Male actors Leonardo DiCaprio

A portrait of a kick-ass lonewolf

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Blood Diamond is an interesting and inspiring to me, less so because of the very real struggles around the sales of illegal diamonds, and much more so because it embodies to me what this website is talking about… masculinity.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays a white African called “Danny Archer” and in my opinion has a very real and deep sense of himself as a self-assured man.

Danny Archer is a self-made man and diamond smuggler. While little is given of his past, it is mentioned that he had a rough one… seeing his mother raped and murdered as a child and his father hanged. He also served time in the military and is very skilled on the land as a tracker, fighter, shooter and generally solid survival skills and connections.

He seems to hold no illusions that he is doing something grand, he simply wants out and away from all the violence and bullshit and conflict that he has experienced all his life and is waiting for his big score that can get him out of Africa…. which is where the story starts as he hears of such a diamond found by a black slave laborer and goes to any means to get that diamond.

What really gets me about this movie is DiCaprio’s character is so damn cool. He absolutely and resolutely stands up for what he believes in regardless of those around him and at the same time as the movie progresses is able to open his heart and allow his beliefs to expand and grow without compromising his sense of self or purpose.

Many scenes stand out for me, one in particular is when Danny is in a bar and sees an attractive woman sitting there. He proceeds to talk to her and as she starts to ask him questions it dawns on him that she is a reporter.

He asks her “so you are a journalist?” to which she affirms and immediately Danny returns with “piss of huh” regardless of being very obviously attracted to her and walks off.

She follows him out asking for help in exposing the blood diamond trade asking if he can help her “off the record” to which he replies “well off the record I like to get kissed before I get fucked” and departs.

The movie follows a blossoming romance between these two characters as Danny seems to be inspired by her resolution and dedication to really making a difference while Maddy (the woman journalist) seems to be increasingly impressed by his determination and unwavering commitment to what is right, for him, and watching as he seems to evolve and begin to question his own beliefs and embrace the idea that it is possible to make a difference.

Right towards the end of the movie, before the wrap up, there is a final interplay between these two characters which shows, to me, right up until the end Danny is a hardcore man and will keep her safe even with his last breath…. and I’m not gonna talk too much about this last scene.

Danny Archer’s character is one of my favorite characters I have watched in any movie and I cannot write enough words to explain how I feel when watching this movie.

I highly recommend this movie if only as a man to watch this kick-ass embodiment of masculinity.


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