Year of the Dragon (1985)

Published: Jun 9, 2011


Mickey Rourke plays a New York City Captain transferred to Chinatown to deal with the growing gang problems. This is a masterpiece for police dramas. Mickey Rourke delivers his best performance before his role in The Wrestler in which he received a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination. The film also starts Jone Lone and model Ariane, both who gave winning performances and were overlooked. Also overlooked was the great writing by both Michael Cimino (director) and Oliver Stone. Mickey Rourke also appeared in Sin City, A Prayer for the Dying, 9 1/2 Weeks, Angel Heart, and the Pope of Greenwhich Village, in which Eric Roberts gave a great performance.

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Year of the Dragon is a classic cop action/drama. Mickey Rourke gave a performance that has not been seen since. Year of the Dragon is what the "God Father" is to gangster movies.

If you haven't seen it over the past 25 years, take it out and dust it off. Mickey Rourke was the best actor for the part as was his nemisis in the film, Jone Lone an asian actor who was overlooked for his performance in this film. In her first role I believe, Ariane, an asian model gave a great performance opposite a seasoned actor Mickey Rourke.

Make no mistake, he was at the top of his game, playing someone much older than he was. Rourke was 33 years old at the time, playing a captain at least in his 40's.

As an actor, he has such power, even when he is silent. He reminds me a little of Cagney, with his cockiness and fearless portrayal. A man on a mission to make a change, even if it means going agains the grain.

To date, there has not been a movie like Year of the Dragon, and never will.

My background with this movie

This movie shook me because it was the only movie (to date) that spoke about gangs and drug trafficking in Chinatown. We've had Colors and som many other films about gangs in L.A., we had New Jack City which dealt with the "crack" epidemic. When I saw Year of the Dragon with the great Mickey Rourke (who should have gotten an Oscar nod), it took me to a place that I have yet to visit again in a cop drama. He had balls, he had the truth on his side, he was not afraid to speak up, he believed in doing the right thing and he fought for his beliefs. He was playing the most decorated cop in the city. Do we even know who the most decorated cop in New York City is? Do we know his or her name? Not too much of that going on right now.

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