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posted by Eivind on June 29, 2010, at 9:49 pm

Hi everyone!

As I've said earlier, the KWML archetypes form the most popular body of content on this website and I have decided that I should make a product – my first one (yahoooo!) – featuring them.

In this simple introduction, I plan to feature a description of the archetypes, descriptions of movies where they can be found and ways in which they can be accessed in daily life.

This could actually become a REAL RESOURCE for men and I want it to be a collaborative effort.

If you could tell me in the comments section below what you would like to see in such a product, it would be extremely helpful.

Please pass the news around too – the more the merrier. We need to restore the KWML archetypes within ourselves and I'm hoping that this free product will be one small contribution I can make to turn this vision into a reality.

Do you want such a free KWML guide? Then what are you waiting for? Spill the beans below!


"Reclaim your Inner Throne: The archetypal online initiation experience"

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  • Ewan

    What are KWML archetypes??

  • Hi Ewan,

    Psychological research in the Jungian tradition has uncovered four main archetypes in the male psyche: King, Warrior, Magician and Lover. Maturity for a man is reached by bringing each archetype from its bipolar shadow side to the mature apex and then integrating the four in a balanced and cohesive psyche.

    The KWML archetypes have meant a lot to me and I want to bring information about them out to guys around the world. In the process, I will learn more about them myself.

    You can read more about the KWML archetypes here:

    Thanks for asking the question, Ewan.


  • Hei, Eivind,

    great article – I like it, because as a woman it gives me a broader view into the mans soul. As a woman on my spiritual path on becoming a spiritual teacher, in all my teachings deep from within the soul the his-story of men and women and the inner healing, reflecting and developing all inner aspects played a big role and stil is. As a woman I have to deal with my inner man – healing the relationship from within. Old patterns have to die on the path, and the new is born. In this respect I will have to tell more news soon, when my journey is complete – and I am able to present the result of my inner work, which will have to do with teaching paths for men an women to actually rediscover there own inner truth – a new masculinity – a new femininity. Looking forward to that. And I like to continue to hear what is going on here – as a woman with a inner man :-).

  • Thomas Gramstad

    Hi Eivind,
    Great idea — I definitely want to see this happen. I’ve read the book too, in addition to your article.
    At this point, my only input is to suggest that the free product be given a Creative Commons license, so that others easily may distribute and contribute to it, and it will be more visible in search engines also (when people search for CC-licensed material).


  • Hi Ambika,

    As is the case with so many feminine women, I’m challenged to understand everything that you write :-) The essence I get though is that there is a point of connection here between us – even though you are a woman and I’m a man – and that is in the inner polar opposite sex. And we have to heal both sexes inside of us to truly come into our own. And when that happens, a new kind of masculinity and femininity arise. More or less, right? This is what David Deida talks about you know. You would love him.

    I really enjoy to feel how authentic your pursuit of your path is and I would love to hear more about this later on. Let’s meet up one of these days.

    Love E

  • Thanks for your support, Thomas! And I’m very encouraged to hear about your interest in the material. Your tip about the CC is a great one and will be sure to look more into that. Thanks for the heads-up, mr Copyright guru man :-)


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  • Thomas Gramstad

    Hi Eivind,
    I just received your e-mail note that from now on, you will use archetypes in a more systematic way in everything you write on That’s excellent!

    And it reminded me of an online archetype personality test that I took about a year ago:
    Personal Archetype Assessment: The Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator. There is a version
    free of charge that anybody can take, and a more extensive version which is a product they
    sell. The free version confirmed things I already knew or suspected about myself, but didn’t
    provide anything really new. Perhaps the extensive version goes deeper.

    Anyway, I just did a quick search on “archetype personality test” and apparently there is
    a large pool of similar tools out there. They may be worth checking out, both on their own
    account, and to check out the competition, and to get some ideas and possibly potential


  • Thanks for this information, Thomas, and I’m happy that you approve of the strengthened focus on archetypes.


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  • Case

    Hi, I don’t know if you’ve heard of Dr. Paul, but he’s also made a product out of KWML on his website

    He uses KWML as a personality match-maker for men and women who want to enrich their dating and even work-related lifestyles. He also has a site for women called

    From your video you seem like more of a lover/magician (you’re very expressive)? Anyways I would recommend checking him out, although I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of him already. Just a quick google search of kwml will lead you to a lot of info about his work.

  • Hey Case,

    Yeah, I know of Dr. Paul. I did the test at even before reading Douglas Gillette and Robert Moore. With his test, I turned out to be King, which I think is accurate.

    Though I’m fascinated about your feedback as I have lately realized that the archetypes in me that need the most work right now may be the Lover and the Magician. I have focused on the Warrior a lot, but I think I can move away from him a little while now. I’ve never done a video before and am curious to see how my presence on camera develops with the future videos. Maybe my on-camera persona activates different archetypes than my normal personality.

    The one thing I’d like to say about Dr. Paul’s KWML work is that it seems just a little bit superficial. For instance, his idea of King is “logical, analytical, issues commands but doesn’t carry them out” etc. That seems to me to be very surface. The King as I see him is the uniter of opposites, the center of the universe, the Axis Mundi that brings blessings to the kingdom. He is the force which boys need to turn into men, the organizing principle of the psyche.

    I want to tap into this deeper archetypal landscape, not just use surface characteristics to find good dates. That’s not to say Dr Paul’s work isn’t good. It seems to be. It’s just a matter of depth.

    So hopefully my product will go a little deeper than Dr. Paul’s. Though I should probably study more of his stuff myself.

    I’d be curious to hear what you would like to see in such a product, Case


  • Case

    Well my own temperament being a cross of warrior/lover with a bit of king sometimes leads me to question why some people are so mixed. For example I’m more of a warrior, but I’m a graphic designer. I’ve always been creative, but left brained warriors aren’t supposed to be inclined towards that kind of thing as a skill, so it leaves me wondering what exactly is the cause of that, other than “You’re psychologically integrated in both”. I’d like to have some hard data or research into how people’s brains function.

    I’m not sure why DP doesn’t have more on this beyond a rather simplistic ebook and some CDs. Maybe he thinks he’ll scare people away with too much science-talk. Who knows.

    Although he does use the 3 brains in his ebooks as well. The higher, mammallian, and reptilian brains (translates to the neo cortex, limbic, and reptilian). The temperaments can be looked at as manifesting themselves as higher or lower on either of these three levels. Like even an intellectual king might have a more developed reptilian brain, so he might be more adept at aggression, dominance, territoriality and spontaneity in his own kingly way, instead of heavy on the higher brain’s control, planning, thinking and smart decision-making. This is as in-depth as you can take his KWML model, although he also has the MindOs ebook that delves into human behavior and the mind, so that might be worth taking a look at.

  • TimK

    Hi Eivind,

    Great idea to have a product to help men integrate the archetypes into their lives.  I would love to have such a resource and to use in the context of a men’s group would be awesome to discuss and share the concepts with like-minded men in a supportive, interactive way. 

    David Deida has a product called the Challenge Deck (created by Rob Biagini), in which  men take a card from a deck and it requires of them to fulfil a task, the idea of which is to challenge them and stretch them beyond things they would normally do, all in the service of good, mature masculine purpose.  Check it out.

    Great work bro,


  • Insert name here

    I keep thinking about some comic book action heroes.

  • Martin

    A game would be amazing. And I agree that modern day myths would be interesting, like super heroes. Maybe even an app. Looking forward to some news on this as I was just thinking such a product would really help.

  • Keith


    Really enjoyed your article on KWML archetypes and their shadows…. It were a fantastic description of the what it is like for an individual to experience these aspects of inner and outer life in their own subjective context.

    I am very interested in your guide and would love to collaborate on helping you come up with material, perhaps we could supply a how to guide to help people adjust , become, integrate ( your examples were good starts, but perhaps we could get more specific and really help to guide others with more detail about what to do and what not to do with their time for their best life and true growth and development )

    How could we collaborate? If interested, you could email me at to discuss more about how it would happen.

    Great work and thank you for your value laden contribution!

    Keith Sandilands

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