Obama’s mentoring program

posted by Eivind on May 14, 2010, at 10:25 am

Watching this video made me very happy. Michelle and Barack Obama introduce the White House mentoring program for boys. I know Obama has been accused of just propagating more of the feminist, misandric politics we know from many of the so-called liberated nations of the world (my own nation of Norway being one of those), but I never agreed with the people who made those claims. He gets it, more so than pretty much anyone else.

I particularly admire him for addressing the importance of commitment and the problem of popular culture's message that you can get something for nothing: Instant gratification. Obama should know a thing or two about these things.

Michelle points out that anyone can be mentors, regardless of age or background. I consider that a challenge to living a good life in service of the people around me.

Thanks to Earl Hipp of Man Making for making me aware of this video.

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