I’m building a tribe. I want you to join.

posted by Eivind on January 6, 2011, at 10:00 am

(this blog post is a duplicate, with minor edits, of a newsletter I just sent out. Subscribe to the newsletter on the sidebar).

Hi Guys,

Time to gather around the fire

2011 is upon us. I hope you took the chance to set your intention for the year – either on New Year’s eve or January 4 as I suggested. It makes a big difference. I also hope your celebration was great, though it could hardly have topped mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seriously, I think I had the best New Year’s celebration of my life this time around, spending two days with old and new friends untangling our egos, dismantling our stories, dancing till we dropped, being nekkid in a sauna together, laughing our heads off, going deep together, eating well, being rude (in a good way) – really liberating to be so open with others.

This is an important blog post and I don’t want to take too long getting to the point, but I gotta share this one moment that had me laughing so hard I cried. Certainly, it’s one of those “you had to be there moments”, but I’m gonna share it anyway.

The running joke among me and the guys I went with become “No more holding back. From now on, we’re gonna f*ck everything open!” This is guy lingo for penetrating obstacles and fears and always open to truth.

We took this a bit…ahem, far…and found oblong, oval cushions – these things were big – and well… put them between our legs – and “f*cked the room open” (launching our truth into the room ;-P).

Thankfully, we shared the moment with some amazing women, and as we sat there laughing our heads off, the women went down on their knees and prostrated to our big cushion c*cks. God, I thought I was gonna die.

Humm, why exactly am I telling you this? *blush* Probably because it’s time to stop holding back!!! And it was such an epic mix of parody and authentic male potency I had to share it with you. Universal rule: You really need to be zany once in a while to reclaim yourself. “Insanity” is the best antidote to conformity.

Anyway, I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun and it ended with me and my two friends pledging Brotherhood before we split up. Damn, I love these dudes.

So, onto this issue of building a tribe…

Yes, I want to step it up in 2011. I want to build global brotherhood! There is a Whisper on the Wind already. As I listen, I feel called to act. There aren’t that many places for men to meet online. Aside from whatever arenas exist within the Pickup community (which I have virtually no connection with), I personally only know of the inner circle provided by the Authentic Man Program (kick ass, but costs money) and the community over at Art of Manliness.

The latter seems, after cursory investigation, to have a slightly more macho vibe than I feel called to participate in. I want to provide community for the “new man”, the dude who has integrated his Feminine and has gone beyond “manning up”. This man is ready to take it to the 3rd stage – the Black Knight of the stories. His path is not up. More often, it’s in and it’s down.

That is where true male power blossoms, where gentle strength, Brotherhood, and absolute and total commitment to Truth and Love, even when the personal cost is significant, is the name of the game.

The world is f*cked right now (in a bad way) and we need to do something about it! The good news? Conditions have never been better to change the world and as the collapse of civilization draws nearer, so does the hope for complete and utter revolution of our species. I look to Authentic World. Decker Cunov, Bryan Bayer and the rest of those guys and gals inspire me. And they are way too few. Cause you know what – politicians and CEO hotshots are not gonna get this one handled. We will! I think of that saying “we are the ones we have been waiting for” and know it to be true.

So I want to set up a community on Masculinity Movies, where we can take the next step. A place where we can gather around the fire and tap into those ancient cosmic threads of knowledge, power, love and wisdom that we need so desperately now to make it through to the next phase of our co-created human story. On our own, we are powerful. Together we are unstoppable. No more holding back!

I’m about to invest in a Ning platform to set up that community. I envision men’s groups across the globe meeting to watch powerful movies and going deep together – and that is just the beginning (I already have interested people in Holland, UK and Australia).

As the work and financial effort needed to make this happen falls on me, I would LOVE if you gave your feedback on this idea below. I’m stretched financially and this is gonna set me back several hundred dollars. Not a lot, I guess, but right now, significant enough. It helps to know you are on board with all of this and that I’m not talking to myself here.

And if you are as excited as I am about this idea, spread this blog post by using the social media buttons below and contribute to the rapid growth of a tribe I desperately want to have an impact on the world in 2011. It will be just one of many. The alliances that are about to form around the world to confront the challenges that face us makes me buzz with excitement.

I will write you soon and tell you more about the development of the technical platform, so that you know when you can jump in and take it for a spin.

Thanks for your attention and I leave you with a challenge: Stop holding back! Become who you truly are. NOW

Again – your feedback please.

In Brotherhood,