Making love to Nature on the banks of Lysakerelva

posted by Eivind on June 10, 2010, at 9:13 pm

Lysakerelva. A river that runs practically on my doorstep.

Long day at work today. Long WEEK. I’ve managed to achieve what seemed almost impossible and am quite impressed with my own focus and ability to get things done (thanks to my ever increasing Warrior energy). But I’ve been really tired at the end of the day most days for the past two weeks. Thankfully, we have nice weather. June is perhaps my favourite monthall of summer is still ahead of me. The flowers are bountiful and multi-coloured and smell heavenly, especially the lilac.

I was particularly receptive to nature’s splendour today. Maybe because I was particularly in need of it. I had observed lots of sexy women with my peripheral vision on my way home from work (I’m not seeking eye contact while on the No Woman Diet) and felt open to take in more of the Feminine. A huge white lilac stands behind a red wooden fence right next to my metro station, and bathes it in light and sweet scents. Today, feeling this lovely shrub felt like feeling a woman.  It took on the form of my ex this time. Tomorrow, maybe someone else (although a white lilac is more likely to call up images of blondes for me).

Then I headed for the river – Lysakerelva is its name – a beautiful and peaceful nature’s artery that runs through my neighbourhood.  It’s been heaven to enter its presence on my way back from work lately. After being so goal-oriented and focused for most of the day, it’s like the time-space continuum completely shifts as I linger close to it with no purpose but to be. It’s very healing.

Today, as I enter the thin, yet lush woods that cling to its bed, immediately my state changes. I find a new spot by the river this time. Beautiful place. I stand there and just breathe everything in. Perfect. Then I start shaking and sexual energy fills my body. I’m making love to nature. I’ve had such sensations before, but never this strong. The No Woman Diet has opened me up to a vastly increased sensitivity to the Feminine. There are women and there is the Big Woman – the vast Feminine force that surrounds us. As I stood in the presence of this Big Woman the other day, with a small woman who was totally restless and absent-minded, there was no question who I was more attracted to.

I’m grateful to have nature on my doorstep. When I was there, I came to thinking about the horrors of The Road again, and thought how dreadful life would be without nature.

(And if you’re asking yourself what kind of hogwash I’m talking today, then you need to get more intimate with the Lover archetype).

Get out into nature, guys. I can’t believe I haven’t done it more.

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