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posted by Eivind on June 19, 2014, at 8:44 pm

Hello friends,

I’ve been negligent with this site and this community lately. I’m sorry, but I’m planning something bigger that you will hear about soon and the smaller stuff has been falling by the wayside.

In order to keep more in touch with my community – you guys and gals – I’ve decided to start creating Facebook posters of inspiring quotes from movies I’ve reviewed. It’s a way to say “hi, I’m still here” while hopefully also inspiring you. If some of them go viral, I won’t mind Smilefjes som blunker

I’m experiencing a deepening connection to nature lately. I recently went into the woods and felt my heart explode to the point of me almost vanishing. And then I started weeping. For a LONG time. A constant stream of tears of gratitude. I sat on a wood stump overlooking the green early summer fields of the place I was born, and the vibrant, lush beauty overwhelmed me.

As I sat there, I felt a huge commitment to this planet stir in the depths of my soul. The tears took on a different texture – tears of despair, of sacred anger and disbelief “what the FUCK are we doing to this planet?”. A sort of neo-tribal sacred warriorship is growing in me as I feel into this agonizing inquiry.

So I’ve decided to make this first poster about our planet and it’s accompanied by a quote from Avatar, reviewed here on the site by Marten Sims.

This first one is the first and last to be published on the site. The remaining ones will be published on the Masculinity-Movies Facebook page.


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