Masculinity Movies LIVE #6: Buddha’s Lost Children

posted by Eivind on August 29, 2011, at 11:07 pm

Hey guys,

The next local Oslo-based Masculinity Movies LIVE will take place on September 9, at 7pm-10pm. It will take place in the building for the institute for information technology (IFI – see picture). The reason the venue is changed is that the last venue was so expensive that I was running the events at a considerable deficit.

Hopefully the new venue will work. It is an experiment and if thinks go awry, we will go with that and change it for next time.

The movie is Buddha’s Lost Children, which I have already reviewed on this site. After watching the movie, we will discuss the strong need for young boys to have mature masculine role models to safeguard and facilitate their transition from adolescence into manhood. We will reflect on the role models that we have had in our lives (if any) and how we now can serve as role models for the next generation of men.

Welcome. I hope to see you there. The price is still 100 NOK.


Directions (in Norwegian)
T-bane til Forskningsparken stasjon. Gå ned trappen fra T-banestasjonen og under T-banebrua (gitt at du kommer fra sentrum). Fortsett ca. 1 minutt og du er fremme ved byggets høye ende. Gå opp gangstien til venstre, over broen til høyre (se bilde ovenfor). Bruk inngangen på venstre hånd. Dersom døren er stengt, ring meg på 971 11 926 så ordner jeg med åpning.