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posted by Eivind on February 8, 2012, at 11:30 pm

Brett Churnin of wrote me some time back and told me about his website. I checked it out and loved it. It is professionally done and offers lots of great resources on how to start a Men's Group.

They've even gone to the length of compiling a Men's Group field guide. Click here to get to that.

On their site, I read

Men in Men’s Group hold each other accountable to live a life at the edge; to us, this means being committed to a fulfilled life consistent with your unique purpose, and to be held accountable for what it takes to live that life.

Love it!

I'm in a men's group myself. In fact, I spent last weekend with a majority of its members on a men's workshop in Sweden. I really enjoyed it. We are such a diverse group of men – many are guys whom I would likely not have connected with outside of the context of a men's group.

But having been in a group with them for over six months, I'm feeling ever closer with them and am really enjoying the expanded horizon for what kind of men I want in my life. It's a real blessing to me.

So it's clear that Brett and his partner in crime Mike Britton are onto something here. I suggest you check out their page now.



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