On Being a Man with Robert Bly and Michael Meade

posted by Eivind on February 9, 2011, at 11:00 pm

Jason Schroeder, one of my readers, passed along this video series of Robert Bly and Michael Meade. As always, I happily pass along the information. It's golden as usual. And a great opportunity for me to get to know Michael Meade a little bit. I have never seen him "in the flesh" before and I really enjoyed it. They form a dynamic due for sure!

Part #1: Fathers and Sons

Part #2: An Old Conversation, The Lonely Heart

Part #3: The Warrior, Mythology & Killing The Lizard

A lot of what they talk about in the Warrior segment is closely related to my treatment of Last Samurai.

Part #4: Initiation

Part #5: Toward a Men's movement, Grief

Part #6: Blessing

Good stuff, huh?

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