The New Warrior Training Adventure

posted by Eivind on June 9, 2011, at 12:10 pm

Last weekend, I did the New Warrior Training Adventure at The Comb in Northumberland, England. It was a profound and powerful experience. One that gave me a cold, a spent vocal chord and tremendous fatigue, but it was certainly worth it. I have hungered for initiation for many years. Some of that hunger has now been fed this last weekend. I think I will become quite active in the Mankind Project organization in the coming years.

And here are some of the men who inspired me among the facilitators



I have opened a new group on The Tribe for initiated men who want to connect with other New Warriors. (PS! I have changed the technology on The Tribe and you will have to sign up again if you want to stay in). Hope to see you there, Warrior Brothers!

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