Today is Good Men Day

posted by Eivind on December 1, 2009, at 11:03 pm

I just learned that today, Tuesday Dec 1, is Good Men Day. I support this initiative whole-heartedly and want you all to know about it.

From the project’s website:

The Good Men Project: Real Stories from the Front Lines of Modern Manhood, is a collection of first-person stories that comprise a book and documentary about what it means to be a man in America today. From Pulitzer winners to ex-cons, and pro Football Hall of Famers to just regular Joes, men share their defining challenges, losses and triumphs through honest and simple truths.

“The hope is that these stories will help men come to their own definition on what it means to be a good man,” says Tom Matlack, Good Men Project cofounder. “It’s about the deeper truth of how men think.”

The book and DVD of the film are available as a companion set, and all proceeds go to the Good Men Foundation, which supports organizations that help at-risk boys. It’s a perfect gift for the men in your life or the women who love them. Be a part of something – join what is fast becoming the centerpiece of a national discussion about what manhood means today.

Learning about this just made my day a little richer and I’m going to order the DVD asap. So should you.

Buy the the associated book or DVD.

— Eivind

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