Website traffic milestone reached

posted by Eivind on December 6, 2010, at 11:08 am

4000 unique visitors in the last 30 days and 100 subscribers to the mailing list. Make no mistake, Masculinity Movies is still a relatively marginal website, but its relative growth is rapid. At the beginning of this year, I averaged around 20 unique hits a day. Now I average 150. These are relatively modest numbers and I could probably do much to increase them, but I'm still very happy with the growth. And if the relative growth keeps up at this pace, I will be averaging more than 1000 unique hits a day in a year, at which point I can probably turn the website into my livelihood.

Thank you to all of you for your interest and your generous support of my work. Running this website is a deeply meaningful hobby and it looks set to turn into a meaningful "job". When that happens, I will be able to dedicate myself fully to what I feel called to do – empower men to reclaim their authentic selves. Just writing that makes my body tingle.

See you around the next corner 🙂 And thanks again.

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