You have chosen Good Will Hunting

posted by Eivind on May 24, 2010, at 11:10 am

After the first Masculinity Movies poll, you have all come together to choose Good Will Hunting as the next featured movie (after Last Temptation of Christ).

The votes were as follows:

  • Good Will Hunting: 3
  • The Fisher King: 1
  • Godfather part 1: 1
  • The Hurt Locker: 1
  • 13th Warrior: 1

Thanks to those of you who voted. Expect to see a writeup on Good Will Hunting by mid to late June. A new poll is now up on the front page.

PS! The way this works from now on is that only the movies that are chosen through polls get the full treatment. I will publish other bite-sized reviews intermittently.

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