Coaching testimonial by my first ever coachee

posted by Eivind on October 22, 2011, at 2:06 pm

How to start…

The first that comes to my mind is; Fun, exciting and refreshing.

The feeling of brotherhood (and not therapist/client relationship) and equal respect is always present, no matter how nervous, low or disconnected I feel. This is a beautiful thing to experience, since Ive personaly have not had much experience with this kind of relationship earlier. Neither with friends nor therapists. And this experience of brotherhood alone has been a very healing experience in many different areas in my life.

Eivind has a way of reaching out and giving a hand no matter where I am at, feeling that he truly shares excitement and honours every step of my journey into the discoveries of my world, be it the beautifull or the ugly, everything is appreciated and honoured. This is and awesome space to be in!

My biggest appreciation to Eivind is about the discoveries I made, because It could have taken me years of more hard work with something that never worked anyways. Ive been trying to solve my problems with the stick instead of the carrot all these years. And this has haulted my self-development, and causing a mess in numeourus areas of my life.

Thank you for helping me to discover how much i missed the ability to say “FUCK OFF” when it is appropiate, and staying with me while I establish the refreshing vision of wanting to take the world by the balls.

If I had not met you, I could end up like the non-swearing-wimpey-new-agey man with a vision of singing harre-krishna all day long … -oh lord help!


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