Activate your body with Simon Anderson’s “Activate Transform Perform”

posted by Eivind on October 31, 2011, at 8:40 pm

Hey guys,

I was in the UK in September for a rollercoaster ride of deeply transformative work. One of the things I did while there was to hang with my buddy Simon Anderson in Brighton (lovely town by the way).

I’ve had issues with tensions and imbalances in my body for many years now and have tried so many forms of body work to improve on the situation that I can hardly count them. Working with Simon is probably the most powerful body work I’ve done so far.

I was so fascinated by the profundity and simplicity of Simon’s method that we recorded a video about it when I was there. His method is very wholistic and I was inspired to find that it included mind, body, emotions, breath and spirit. If you want to learn more about how activating your body by dearmoring the emotional traumas stored in its tissue can improve your life, I recommend you check it out.

Some weeks later: Having been in the world for some weeks after working with Simon, I can feel a huge difference and that there is still work to do. I’m working on the trigger points that Simon gave me and that seems to be helping. And I’m walking quite differently, with a much more open hip region. So while there are still tensions left in my body, the difference before and after Simon is very clear. I also feel well equipped with tools to improve the situation on my own.

And if you’ve seen the whole video and are interested in how this work affected my relationships with women, I can tell you that they have transformed. What I can’t ever know is how much of the transformation came from working with Simon and how much came from all the other transformative work I’ve been engaging in.

Looking up Simon may serve you well if you just want to improve your general body performance or if you have problems and have tried everything and without success.

I want to see you run Simon’s door down 😉


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