What I’m up to these days

posted by Eivind on December 2, 2011, at 7:26 pm

There’s not enough of me to go around. That’s the feeling I’ve been having lately. I’m involved in many activities and they’re all rewarding. And as long as I work a normal job four days a week, time is limited.

The big thing for me this fall has been my involvement with Authentic World. Bryan Bayer visited Oslo at the beginning of October to attend the Morten Hake Summit. The following Monday, Bryan and I put on event together following their Authentic Games Night formula which took off. A third of that group signed up to Authentic World courses on the spot and pretty much everyone there seemed to love what was going on. The room was on fire.

In the wake of that, Bryan and I realized there is so much interest here that we should start up some sort of activities. And all of a sudden I was the head of Authentic World Norway. So that’s taking time – particularly facilitating the currently ongoing Authentic Community Leadership course. We’re a group of more than a dozen Norwegians who meet up every Sunday to learn how to facilitate and inspire authenticity in our respective communities. It is very rewarding work.

Just this last Wednesday, we had our first trial run of an all-Norwegian Authentic Games Night. Everyone seemed to love it and we’re all hungry for more. I was facilitating with my buddy Pål Christian Buntz, who I will be working more with in the time to come. We’re a good team.

All of this means that I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to work on Masculinity-Movies. No time at all to be honest. But for me personally, it’s all part of the same “energy”. But I don’t think that’s necessarily the case with you readers.

Let me tell you that I was incredibly inspired to hear a man tell me the other day that reading my reviews had served as some sort of defining moment on his own personal journey. That reminded me of why I’m doing this. And I’m still committed.

In 2012, I will take more of my work into the world in the form of talks, workshops and media presence. In May, I will be speaking at a conference in Frankfurt (Men and the Future: Sex, Authenticity And Power). Maybe all these activities will mean that I can start making a living from this at long last. Too early to tell, but it feels good.

I’ll be with you with more material soon. I’ve been happy to see that the site has lived on just fine without my ongoing contributions to it. That makes me inspire to think what may happen if I start working hard on it again.

Have a great weekend!