Happy New Year, men!

posted by Eivind on January 2, 2012, at 8:32 am

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Some snippets of what I wrote you:

It’s been a while since I wrote you! That’s why it feels good to sit here in the dark of a early January morning typing out these words.

I spent the New Year in the woods with a group of 12 people, facilitating what was to many the best New Year of ther lives. There is a hunger in Norway growing for authentic interpersonal connections, dropping the social masks and just being real with one another.

I think that’s the real challenge for men as well in 2012. So many of us are still stuck in roles. It often takes some form of “I can’t show how vulnerable I really feel inside on the outside, because then I won’t be a man and everyone will reject me and think I’m a loser and then I’ll be lonely”.

But it’s those exact thoughts that make men lonely and weak.

In that way, 50s male stereotypes still live on in modern men. But I see signs that a tidal wave of change is coming. I look forward to us men becoming truly powerful in 2012 by dropping our masks and stepping into our true, authentic power.


One of the most important things in 2012 will be that more men of consciousness enter into the public’s awareness. I expect that men’s issues and authentic masculinity will be larger themes than ever before.

I challenge you all to start manifesting those wonderful visions and dreams you carry deep inside of you in the coming year. The world will need them.

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