Liberate your masculinity

posted by Eivind on January 10, 2010, at 11:49 pm

Listening to Tripp Lanier’s latest New Man Podcast, I was reminded of some very important principles of male growth. In it, energy healer Sarah Ingier talks about how men are submerged in the Feminine, being both born from and surrounded by it at all times of the day (in the form of nature, women and everything that is in motion). She then describes something that is at the core of my own work: How it is important with some very strong rituals – initiations – in which the man separates from the Feminine and becomes a true Man, a person who can relate with the Feminine not from a state of reaction or enslavement, but of standing free in intimate communion with it.

The macho jerk and the new age wimp that David Deida talks about are both under the control of feminine energy. Only the truly mature man, a 3rd stage man, has freed himself from it. This is the hero’s journey in KWML. Yes, true initiation into manhood IS the hero’s journey.

They talk about more topics in the podcast, but their discussion of what I outlined above is the best part of it. If it’s not enough that I’m saying these things, then please – for your own good – listen to Sarah and Tripp say them.

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