The next big thing: Videos in movie reviews

posted by Eivind on March 18, 2010, at 10:14 pm

As I’ve been home from work sick these last couple of days, I have started looking into how I can invigorate my reviews with more use of video clips from the movie in question. I think that the text will become easier to understand, more engaging, and more convincing and I’m looking forward to offering you my reading of Boy A – featuring at least five video clips hosted on our new Youtube Masculinity Movies channel – by the end of the weekend. I think you will really enjoy this new feature.

I thought I’d also tell you about a couple of cool applications I found on AppStore yesterday: HomeBudget is an absolutely ace piece of financial planning software. I finally I found one that suits me! It is becoming ever more pressing for me to keep real good track of my finances. After all, I have things to accomplish and that requires good financial control (it is also a prerequisite for creating further abundance, whose efficacy I intend to prove within the end of the year). I also found some fascinating brainwave technology by pzizz: pzizz relax and pzizz sleep. It truly does put my body in a good state.

Being ill isn’t always all bad.

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